PelviK cup is develope for respect your pelvic floor muscle


Boil it 5 minutes before first use. Wash it with specific disinfectant before and after each use. Wash your hands accurately before use. Use the cotton bag –previously washed with accuracy- and use it to place and keep the cup clean.

Fold the cup and insert it gently into the vagina up to the cervix. Rotate it and/or move it up and down to ensure it is correctly opened and it is properly fitting all sides of the vagina. Use up to 12 hours; use a water-based lubricant if necessary

Take the base of the cup with your fingers, move it slightly to let some air in and gently pull it down while sitting on a toilet or on a bidet. Completely remove it and empty the contents.

A cup can be used for 5-7 years.
Pay attention to not use substances that could ruin cup’s material, such as silicone oils or solvents


Plevik L

Choosing the right dimension is subjective.
S - Generally for women before the age of 25/30, or who have not given birth
L - Generally for women after the age of 25/30, or who have already given birth