How to use the Pelvik vaginal cone – Instructions

Training using the vaginal cones Pelvik is simple, consequently we recommend you to follow observe or to read the illustrative manual and immediately you shall start to obtain the first results!

All these on condition to have a correct hygiene, before and after making the exercises:
Wash your hands very well and disinfect the vaginal cone PelviK using disinfectant soaps or solutions, rinse it well with water and dry it with a soft cloth, do not use brushes or abrasive sponges and avoid the cone scratching

FIRST STAGE: Awareness
Know the own pelvic base introducing a finger, washed, in the vagina, for at least 2 cm. Feel the vaginal walls which are brought together when the pelvic musculature is contracted, similar to the action of arresting the urine flow during the urination

anatomic part 3

SECOND STAGE: Introduction
Using a water lubricant, the cone shall be introduced at a distance of over 3 cm in the vagina, leaving the back side of the cone at the exterior, in order to facilitate its elimination. .

Start with the lightest cone (White) and search for the most comfortable position. For the first times it is recommended the use of the pelvic musculature sitting in repose position and afterwards try to rise, when, due to the gravity, the cone can come out easily due to the weak and not trained pelvic base.
The training consists in the maintenance in the vagina, in right position, using the pelvic musculature, consolidating these muscles day after day.

Exercise Pelvik Exercise Pelvik

Following this scheme, after introducing the vaginal cone, contract the pelvic musculature for approximatively 2 seconds, maintaining the cone in the vagina, afterwards relax the musculature and make a pause of few seconds, and then repeat the exercise for 10 times. Progressing with the training, the contractions of 2 seconds can be increased progressively to over 10 seconds.
Each stage that we perform shall be a comfortable one, even if it can be hard at the beginning of the training, considering the fact that it is about muscles which are not so known and used.

FOURTH STAGE: Advanced training
The more trained it is the own pelvic musculature, the more the contraction shall last, being necessary a smaller pause in order to finalize the training series. This way it shall be obtained a correspondent control of the pelvic musculature and exercises can be performed during the daily normal actions. Ulteriorly, after performing the specific exercises (ex: scales ascending, running on site, etc) it can be used a vaginal cone with a bigger weight and the training shall be continued.


  • during pregnancy;
  • before 6/8 after giving birth;
  • during menstruations;
  • before the complete cure of the vaginal epithelium of any type;
  • after a surgical intervention;
  • during infections or during vaginal mucous problems;
  • in case there are scratched or deteriorated;
  • in other body cavities.

Vaginal cones Pelvik are studied for pelvic base training, representing a EC medical device. Please read carefully the illustrative manual together with the use guide, as well as the information and explanations on exercises before using the product.

Download HERE the illustrative manual in PDF format.

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